What does it feel like to be a Yelp business owner?

Here is a little bit of background about myself: I am phone repair store owner and also a Yelp business owner for two years. (Here is my Yelp page: https://www.yelp.com/biz/first-technology-iphone-repair-new-york-5) What does it feel like to be a Yelp business owner? It is a complex question.



Whenever I get a Yelp quote even it is 3 am, I am happy. Because that means somebody saw my page and interested. They may be won’t come to fix their phone today but at least they know the exit of mine.


When I get a 5 star review, it feels so good. I remember when I got my first review which is also a 5 star review, I was exciting for a whole week!


I also love 4 star reviews. Those people who write you a 4 star review, they like you and most of the time they told you which part you need to improve. I really learned a lot information and adjusted my business strategy through those 4 star reviews.



Business owners hate Yelp. I am sure I am not the only one. Just look at Yelp’s rate in Apple App Store.



The Yelp Filter is the most frustrating part. We worked so hard to get a good review then those reviews are stuck down in a “not recommended” section.




Yelp’s sales team is aggressive. Sometimes too aggressive. They can drive busy business owners crazy by calling weekly to inquire about advertising on the platform. I even got those calls after I advertised.


Sometimes, I got confused by quotes.

  1. Quotes do NOT relative to my business at all. “Do you have cheeseburgers?”
  2. Quotes about things we don’t do. “Do you fix computers?”, “Do you fix Apple Watch?”I got so many of those two questions, that I am even thinking about start to fix them.
  3. Quotes in other languages is so confused, and Google translate makes it even more confused.
  4. Quotes with no detail at all. Believe it or not, I got that a lot.

 “How much to fix my phone?”

                                                                                  “Which phone do you have?”


                                                                                 “Which iPhone do you have?”

          “iPhone 7”

                                                                                 “What is wrong with your phone?”

          “crack screen”


I got more than one review for other business. Something like: “I fixed my TV here…”. We do not fix TV, you know that Yelp! Even though it is a 5 star review, I report it to Yelp to remove it because I don’t want to confused my further customers.





I start using Yelp as customer and leaving honest reviews, I start to see the little things that make a big difference from a consumer experience perspective.

Also, Yelp helps me understand that I can’t be all things to all people.


Nothing comes in life is easy including be a Yelp business owner.

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